If you leave a recommendation for a Tradie, it will most likely be visible if someone in your network then searches for a Tradie of a similar sort. There will also be a chance that it could show if people in your area are searching for a specific Tradesman and they don’t have any friend recommendations to go off.

Click on the "Leave a recommendation" button, and follow the prompts. You can also visit this page here: https://pluckit.com.au/leave-recommendation

This can be done on your profile settings. You can also email us at info@pluckit.com.au.

Pluckit does not guarantee the quality of work from service providers. However, we try to provide you with as much information as possible on the businesses so you can make an educated and trusted decision. This is where the 'trust' we are trying to build on the platform comes into play. We also verify businesses by checking that they are a registered Australian business, their insurance and qualifications.

Pretty much most Trades you can think of, we have it covered. From plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenters, pest control, and more. This platform is constantly building as more Trades and recommendations are added, so we please ask for you to keep adding!

No, it’s completely free to find yourself a Tradie on Pluckit.

We thought it’s better to base your decision off relevant, personal, and socially-connected recommendations rather than Tradies who can buy and bid their way to the top? Where is the trust in that? If you've had some bad experiences with Tradies previously and this is how you were finding them, say no more. Decisions on Pluckit are purely based on trust, reliability, and transparency. This comes from encouraging everyone to make more educated decisions where you can see what Tradies (from people you know), have worked with and recommended. YOU select who YOU want from hundreds of thousands of recommendations. Save time, money, and hassle and select the right Tradie from the get-go. We’re on a mission to recognise Tradies that deserve praise and our ongoing support, rather than those who just have the most money.

Pluckit provides a list of Tradies at your fingertips who will suit you and your needs, referred and recommended by people you know, or people in your selected area. 1. Using socially-connected integrations, consumers leave recommendations on Tradies they've used. 2. Friends, family members, or other relevant contacts (or other members of the public) can find these recommendations when searching for a Tradie. They can also see which ones to avoid. 3. Tradies are then selected, being rewarded for their recommendations. It's a trusted, educated process for all.

Easy! Click on "Log In" at the top of the page and select one of the social channels to sign in with. This helps us to see what your friends may have recommended. If none of these are suitable, you can sign in with your email. It literally takes no longer than 30 seconds.