How Pluckit is different

There is a method to the madness.

Would you rather hire a Tradie that your friends have used and recommended, or use a Tradie just because they put a bid in the (marketplace) ring for your job, or paid their way to the top of a search listing? Which one would you trust more?

Pluckit provides a more trusted environment where gaining back control is at the forefront.

See who your friends recommend

The differences.

1. Customers base decisions on recommendations from people they know, without any publicized posting needed. Just search and discover from Pluckits database of recommendations.

2. No manual bidding or paying for quotes for Tradies. Personalised recommendations will determine where Tradies stand for each individual user.

3. Free for users to search and contact Tradies who they prefer. Tradies won't be sent to you just because they paid more for a bid in the ring, leaving only have a handful to choose from.


How we line up against other providers:

  Pluckit Other providers
Choose Tradies purely based on personalized, familiar and socially-connected recommendations? Yes No
Publishers transparent positive and negative recommendations? Yes Some
Manually requires Tradies to pay $$$ to bid and quote for jobs? No Yes
Deal with and pay the Tradie directly with no commissions taken? Yes Some

There is a need to change the traditional consumer behaviour where we tend to select Tradies who have bought and bid their way to the top of a listing and get sucked into thinking that these are the Tradies we should select. Where is the trust in that?
Start making more educated decisions through utilising the help from people we trust and make use of their recommendations. These are KNOWN recommendations. It will make for a more trusted online environment.