Why Pluckit

G'day Pluckers.

Fair dinkum. It's one hell of an online world out there. A world where trust is hard to find.

We provide at your fingertips a list of Tradies who will suit you and your needs, referred and recommended by people you know, or people in your area. There's no other platform that offers this. You bloody ripper!

Pluckit was genuinely built to allow us to start making more educated decisions through utilising the help of people we trust. If you can't trust those nearest and dearest, who can you trust?

Trust online is KEY.

See who your friends recommend

What we REALLY want:

Good Tradies deserve the right recognition, and Pluckit is on a mission to help achieve that.

We all know decent, reliable Tradies who deserve our praise, but do they ever get noticed to the level you wish? Now's your chance on a much fairer playing field.

Some Tradies just can't afford to compete with the big boys and their marketing budgets.

We think it makes a lot more sense to select a Tradie based on personalised, familiar, and relevant recommendations, rather than having a Tradie pay/bid for a job lead so they can get get noticed. It's not fair on both sides. Agree?


How it works: 

To see your recommendations, start here.

1. Using socially-connected integrations, consumers leave recommendations on Tradies they've used.

2. Friends, family members, or other relevant contacts (or other members of the public) can find these recommendations when searching for a Tradie. They can also see which ones to avoid.

3. Tradies are then selected, being rewarded for their recommendations. It's a trusted, educated process for all.

The whole process is as simple as loading a few snags on the ol' barbie - and involves just as much satisfaction.